Contactless payment - simple and fast

Contactless payment is the practical alternative to cash. As with it paying for your everyday purchases is even faster and easier.

The easy and fast alternative to cash.

Simply briefly hold your contactless credit card up to the payment terminal and your payment has already been made. Up to CHF 40* even without a PIN code or signature.

How ist works

The terminal display will guide you through the transaction on a step-by-step basis.


Watch out for the contactless symbol.


Hold your credit card against the contactless symbol.


Your payment will be confirmed on the display within a few seconds – finished!*

You can make contactless payments here:

You can pay using your contactless American Express Card at these partners (more partners to follow):

You can pay using your contactless Mastercard® at a large selection of partners. Simply look out for the contactless symbol.

More information about contactless payments



* Your PIN code or signature is required for amounts up to CHF 40 and in certain exceptional cases. Please pay attention to the display.